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    Please Excuse me for my languege(is very low!)
    i have two device hp touchpad:
    first device:dont charge!if orginal charger connect on device to error=please connect orginal charger or orginal cable!
    i opened device and open battery and connect a LED lamp to OutPut battery !but dont turn on lamp!only tiny connection red wire and yellow wire turn on lamp for 10 sec!and after 10 sec turn off lamp!
    and Disconnected power!
    Do Battery board Has a Problem?OR Mainboard Device?
    How to Fixed Problem??
    second device:a beginner man removed webos and install android onto device!
    reinstall android and hang device!
    now turn off device!and no turn on!
    Device Manger Driver in Mode:

    PWR + Home + VolUp=dont work
    PWR + Home + VolDown=Dont work
    PWR + Home = Driver Break qhsusb_dload
    PWR + VolDown=Dont work
    PWR + VolUp=Driver Break Plam

    My Windows is 7Ultimate(32bit)!
    dont work Dr webos !(please connect your device)
    Dont work novacom!(not find device)
    Do Device is Bricked?
    How To Fix Problem?
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    Great. You have two touchpads and can open it by yourself.
    For device one.
    1. must ust HP orginal 5.3V 2A charger head and orginal cable. don't use 5V charger. Battery seem OK. Can check it with metre Volt...(Just no power in it). Can charger it over 12hours with 5.3V.
    For device two
    1. running Webos and Andriod. Battery is locked . Because lost power too much (Maybe 0.00V if check it)
    2. mainboard is OK. don't do wrong step to it. don't charge battery directly jump up the board by yourself. It hurt the battery....( need a special software to fix it)
    3.If device one can work. Put the device two battery into device one and charge it.(50% can work.cause the board is locked.the best way is put into webos touchpad to charge it).

    Good luck !!
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    If the hints of lemaho don't function, you get help there: (perhaps)
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    hi lemanho!
    device one charger and cable is HP original!(5.3V 2A)
    charge it over 12hours complete!but battery no charge!and error please connect original charger or original cable!
    and it charging home LED Left And Right On!
    i change battery Device two onto Device one and charge 12H!but no charge!only Home LED Left And Right On!
    You were right lemanho!device two battery 0.00V!
    You said don't charge battery directly jump up the board And need a special software to fix it!How do I find special software?
    lemanho TNX for Help me!
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    funny...what cable are you using ? Should have small silver round on two heads of cable (HP cable).
    For device one. When it was charging home light show left-right-left. Also show please connect original charger or original cable on the top right side of screen ? Can you see screen turn on? Maybe power board does not sit right place....
    For device two. Battery is dead/locked and mainboard do not connect it. No working for a long time....

    Try to use TPdebtick 004 to fix it. But it doesn't have 100% sure. If can not finish it and can not reach "All Done". Will kill the mainboard.
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    yes i use original charger!yes this have small silver round on two heads of cable!
    even a new charger in pack HP touchpad And test!but Show error!
    for device one When were Own battery connected: YES show please connect original charger or original cable on the top right side of screen and turn on screen!but when connected battery device two (onto device one) NO Do not Show Error and do not On Screen!
    How to Direct charge battery?OR Use a Charger Up 5.3V for shock battery!
    tpdebrick 004 for fix device one OR device two?when do not show USB mode onto screen How to use tpdebrick?
    possible?Or impossible?
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    If device can turn on and see home screen. The battery is OK. Forget the warning and charging battery to full.(Hold the home +Power over 20 seconds).
    Take this full battery into device two. Will see the battery symbol with question mark (90% chance). If see blank on the screen that's hardware problem. Need to inspect it step by step....

    I think that it is diffculte to fix dead TP battery by yourself. It need special software and speical tool. connecting to AC and PC to fix it...
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    when battery device two direct charge and into device two in screen show a battery symbol question!
    what symbol battery question?
    and How to fix?
    and how to usb mode for install dr webos?(hard restart whit pwr+vol down+home And push vol up----and power off and pwr+vol up for show usb mode but do not show usb mode and show battery question)
    please help me!
    Thank you!
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    I guessed right. There is power bug for touchpad that running webOS /CM7.9 together. And lost the power completely.
    1.disconnect the battery over one minutes.
    2. Connect the battery again. Don't turn on the device. And hold power +vol up right away.
    3. Can see the Big USB on the screen.
    4. Running 3.0.5 doctor on the PC.
    5. Connect touchpad to PC. And click next...
    6. Waiting for doctor finished. Don't disconnect USB cable in flashing. It will burn the mainboard.

    Good Luck
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    step by step You said I did
    But again symbol question!
    And do not show Big USB on the screen.
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    Which battery is using? Need the power battery. ....
    Open the back cover again. Hold the power +vol up first. And push the hard set one time. Where is in the end of mainboard (narrow side). Golden round beside the SIM card set.
    Try again.....
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    yes battery is using!
    sorry Mr limanho!
    i push hard set button for 1 min!
    i do but again do not work!
    again show battery question symbol!and do not show USB symbol!
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    Are you sure hold power+ vol up ?? I feel that you hold power+Vol down and turned on device showing battery symbol. If the power on your left. Vol up is same on left. Vol down is on the right.
    Disconnect the battery . Repeat it again...
    If can not enter recovery (See big USB). That's a big problem. Really.....
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    Mr lemanho i am sure hold pwr+vol up!
    i am not a beginner!
    try again and do not show big USB!(show battery question symbol)
    Mr lemanho please help me!-
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    . Can not help you now. It is headache that can not enter recovery for touchpad. Can not connect PC to fix it.
    Try to use TPDebrick 004 from Superman JC. It is your last chance.(I think that last owner of touchpad had done something into it. Not sure).....
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    tpdebrick-v004 download and extract!
    device connected and Hold Power+Home+VolDown buttons on Touchpad for 30 seconds
    command input in terminal ubontu 12.4(live USB):
    ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ cd Downloads
    ubuntu@ubuntu:~/Downloads$ cd tpdebrick-v004
    ubuntu@ubuntu:~/Downloads/tpdebrick-v004$ script
    Script started, file is typescript
    ubuntu@ubuntu:~/Downloads/tpdebrick-v004$ sudo ./tpdebrick 16
    sudo: ./tpdebrick: command not found
    what "sudo ./tpdebrick 16" not found?
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    Check permissions? Check that you have the loader library that corresponds to the one needed in the binary?
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    Hi GMMan!
    How?Please help more!
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    sudo: ./tpdebrick: command not found!!!!
    don't solution???!
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    ashkan could you do a ls -lisah for me and post the list on screen?
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