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    Now that I'm done the cycling email notifications patch, I'll be moving on trying to put in a delete button. But why stop there? How about allowing a little popup to come up that gives a longer text preview and have all four of the email operation buttons available? I think it would be interesting, except the only problem is it might be redundant, considering the email app opens up pretty quick anyway.
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    I think the delete button also would be a good idea. I have noticed that when delete a message with the current patch I frequently delete the wrong one.

    That aside, yes this patch is great, no more opening up email to see a bunch of spam. Thank you.
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    If this is anything like the Delete from Notification patch for phones, I am seriously down with it!
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    If you could do it so tweaks would allow you to turn on and off the different features that would be cool too.

    Either way I want delete from notification for sure! Love it on my phone.

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