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    Hi, this is my first time posting on this site, I just wanted to share a little information about my HP touch pad , Samsung note and PdaNet hotspot, working together without any problem, I downloaded PdaNet to my Samsung note and turn it on, turn on my touch pad and it sees it and bam, I have wireless on my touch pad with help from my Samsung note, I thought I would share this, if it is already covered in the form I am sorry, Thanks
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    Welcome to the forums.

    Curious as to why you need a third party tether solution. I tether my TouchPad to my GS3 all the time with the stock tether app. Settings/ More Settings/ Tethering and portable hotspot.
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    Thanks, I could not get my stock tether to work, it would not see my wireless service, so I had to download the third party tether solution, my phone was purchased unlocked, I don't know if that was the cause, after downloading the third party tether apps everything worked fine.

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