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i recall my brother in law had issues with the touchpad i got him for christmas, he said it wasnt charging properly (i installed cm10 for him as hes a massive android geek), i assumed it was perhaps an older issue i had with bad installs of cyanogen builds and not only on the touchpad but proper android tablets where the battery just drained off even when the device was powered off.

As it turns out, i tried his device on my touchstone and it was fine so immediatly thought of his cable as being suspect, it should have been fine as i gave him my original touchpad cable as i use the touchstone which came with one.

I eventually found out he was using the cable he charges his LG Optimus 4X HD P880 phone, he thought one cable was the same as another, he kept 1 cable upstairs near his bed the other downstairs on his computer table, it wasnt until he also mentioned that the Debugging/USB transfer wasnt working on his LG phone that i wondered if he was using the touchpads cable on the lg phone and vise versa and there was some subtle but bad difference.

We swapped the cables round and his touchpad started charing perfectly fine and his LG phone suddenly had working Debugging/USB mode, so that was a lesson learned as he also assumed, "a cables just a cable", hed been careful to use the right wallcharger but paid no attention to the usb/micro-usb cable that plugged into the charger.

I think now hes got small sticky labels on some of his cables so he knows exactly which is which. (i should do that as well tbh, just havent got round to it).
Hey geekPeter, i just received a brand new touchpad 4g which despite charging it after unboxing, it wont turn on. i have tried all the steps that have been suggested in the forums.. inckuding using different chargers. It still wont turn on. What is funny though is that from the time I unboxed it and plugged it to charge and even now when i charge it, the home button lights up from left to right. Why it cant turn on really puzzles me. Any help?