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    I am hoping to get some help here on this one. I recently started getting the dreaded Battery with Question Mark symbol when i turn on my Touchpad. I decided to order a replacement battery from Amazon (exact same HP battery that was in it) to try and replace it. I went through the trouble of replacing the battery and putting the device back together but am still getting the Battery with Question Mark symbol. Any more ideas on this one?


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    If you looked it up, you'd have your answer...

    I have the same issue myself.

    It appears that the controller chip for interfacing with the battery has had an issue and now corrupted.

    There's a possible solution... I've yet to have the time to try it yet: TPDebrick v004 - HP Touchpad - RootzWiki
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    I see a pattern...
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    Weird, I tried this once before and it still showed the battery with question mark. It must have been a combination of the two. Thanks for your suggestion!
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