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    Just received today my brand new Sealed Hp Touchpad 64gb. I still didn't opened the box because tomorrow I want to do an I boxing video......

    Here is a picture.

    Who own the White Touchpad?
    Is it much faster or really you don't notice the difference?
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    Well, it's supposed to have a faster processor out of the box, though any TouchPad with overclocking can get up to 1.7GHz.
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    Got a white one and honestly, with UberKernel there really isn't any difference. The CPU is the same as other units, but it is factory clocked at 1.5 instead at 1.2.

    Kernel replacement sees to that straight away as it allows it to be OC'd and as GMMan says 1.7 is easily possible and some have run a fair bit faster - but not to be recommended!
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    Ive been running 1.7 on mine for almost a year with no issues.
    Touchpad 4G, Pre3
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    I dont notice the difference much since i have both 32 and 64 gb versions but in some applications it does seem to run them smoother. I prefer the white touchpad mostly because there is just that added room of 32gb more

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