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    I am really a greenhorn, when it comes to computers. I have a HP 32 bit tp. It has webOS 3.05, if that matters. I am trying to install java. I don't know what version to install. I tried to install novacom, also. I tried preware, but I think you have to have java installed, right? Everything I try to download, it gives me the error, cannot open mime files. HELP Please.

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    Why are you trying to install Java on the TouchPad itself? I don't think the versions of Java that came with previous versions of webOS were supported as browser plugins.

    If you want to install Preware, do it on a computer, unless you have wTerm or another shell app on your TouchPad that you can use to download the install script.
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    For TP to connect to your PC you need novacom and the latest Java installed on the PC side.

    Verify Java Version

    Downloads - universal-novacom-installer - Universal Novacom Installer - Google Project Hosting

    Then get WOSQI on your PC and use that to install Preware onto the TP:

    For more help look here: Application:Preware - WebOS Internals
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    is this just for a webpage to function or something, ubuntu is always a choice for this if your browser doesnt work as needed, firefox or chromium on ubuntuchroot should do the trick.
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