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    noticing that the new kindle account had better prices on virtually all the books in my wishlist, I switched to Same account otherwise (same email, same password, etc)

    however, none of my purchases are syncing, and I can't find any way to change account info in the app settings, and I can't download a second copy of the app for just my .ca purchases? Am I doomed to higher prices if I want to keep using my Touchpad as my reader?

    (at the rate I read, it will end up being cheaper to buy something new and ditch my touchpad - only things I use it for now are Kindle and podcasts...)
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    i know i manually change the .com addres to when the kindle takes me to and all my purchases via the uk site sync up and work fine, i just assumed it worked the same regardless of country, amazon is amazon etc.

    seems you need input from someone attempting the same as yourself for a clearer picture.
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    ok, thanks - I'll keep trying to get it to work...I'm sure it will eventually, I just didn't want to spend a ton of time on it if there was no way it would work!
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    it definitely works in the UK, I've been using mine since the TP launch day in 2011.
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