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    is there a possibility of a rogue keylogger programmed covertly running in my device? Recently one of my email account has been hacked after syncing it to my touchpad for the first time. Maybe it is coincidence but I just would like to ask. Reading this scares me a little sorry if this sounds ignorant. This is my first tablet.
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    Don't know of any webOS malware out there. It could be a conincidence. webOS does upload logs automatically, but it definitely doesn't keep track of what you've typed.
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    Yeah... Android is more likely to harbor malware. I'm assuming you simply had a weak password or used an unsecured (no passcode) WiFi connection.
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    probably device backups.
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    noone is going to spend time trying to target an OS with almost literally no market share
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    Highly unlikely unless you used an untrusted wifi connection

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