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Let's make sure we're actually using webOS. You'll have the top bar that on the left says "HP webOS" if you're on the Launcher, and the app's name if you're in an app. On the right are some icons, from right to left usually a down arrow, the time, battery indicator, wireless symbols (such as Wi-Fi, VPN, and Bluetooth). On the left of that there are notification symbols, if you have any notifications.

Hit the Center button, and you'll see the launcher. Near the center top of the screen is a bar that says "Just type..." or similar, and has a search icon to the right. On the bottom is a bar with a whole bunch of icons for apps, and a launcher button on the very right. If you tap that button, you'll see a bunch of program icons in a grid, and tabs on the top that says "APPS", "DOWNLOADS", "FAVOURITES", and "SETTINGS". Those tabs may be in different order or may be accompanied by other tabs too.

To take a screenshot press Power and Center at the same time (similar to on an iPad). Then plug the TouchPad into your computer. Tell it to go into USB Drive mode, and the screenshots will be in the "screencaptures" folder of the drive that will appear.

webOS is easy to use. We're here to help. Give it some time rather than having a short fuse and you'll get lots of enjoyment out of the device.
that's what i was thinking maybe he is using android since it was previously owned