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    so I installed Ubuntu chroot and decided I didn't want because I would rather have the native.

    now when I ran webos doctor(thinking it would completely fix everything) I realized I have 3.8 out of 32.

    and idk how to fix it. i've tried to remove the partition but it doesn't exist.

    when I run lvscan this is what I see

    ACTIVE '/dev/store/root' [568.00 MB] inherit
    ACTIVE '/dev/store/var' [64.00 MB] inherit
    ACTIVE '/dev/store/update' [16.00 MB] inherit
    ACTIVE '/dev/store/log' [24.00 MB] inherit
    ACTIVE '/dev/store/mojodb' [256.00 MB] inherit
    ACTIVE '/dev/store/filecache' [136.00 MB] inherit
    ACTIVE '/dev/store/media' [3.91 GB] inherit
    ACTIVE '/dev/store/swap' [512.00 MB] inherit
    ACTIVE '/dev/store/cm-system' [408.00 MB] inherit
    ACTIVE '/dev/store/cm-cache' [ 200.00 MB] inherit
    ACTIVE '/dev/store/cm-data' [1.50 GB] inherit
    ACTIVE '/dev/store/ext3fs' [4.00 GB] inherit

    to me it looks like the data just up and left. that or lvscan doesn't detect unused storage. that being said I started to follow what this guy said till I saw that I should also note that I manually made the partition and I don't remember the tutorial I followed for it.

    it would be awesome to get that space back.
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    There's an app in I think the Preware alpha feeds called Tailor that will do some repartitioning for you.
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    yyeeesss!!!! thanks! now I can finally do a tri boot. wwooooo!! thanks so much!
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    with my veer ...I put on an android mod which messed it all up ...I took it off (I think) and could not doctor via palm so I did a doctor using the downloaded .jar (correct version) and it is not perfect ...hp app catalog works so palm account is still good ...but some things not working right and wondered if this could help if the android mod (which didn't really work) left a partition with crappware can I tell ...tia!!

    like, if there were to be a bad unruly partition on it could this tailor app delete it and get me back in business??
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    Tailor would be my best guess to start with. Alternatively contact me by PM and I can send you another solution which is part of my old 'restore' script for 2.2.3/2.2.4 unofficial update, however that solution would DELETE all your data on the Veer so it's not ideal..

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