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    Hi all, Lately my TP has been having some Browser issues ie: links not working that previously worked...Pages not fully loading or load to a blank screen etc..

    Also noticing more and more frequent sound issues in the touchpad tho maybe unrelated to the above issues.

    I'm wondering if there is any way to Re-install the browser framework from within webos or preware...I am currently trying to avoid going down the complete webos doctor route, if possible.

    I understand a full doctoring maybe the better suggestion however I would prefer if there were an option to sort of re-flash the original browser to see if it irons out the issues. Anyone know if its possible?

    Thanx Guys
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    Have you installed any browser patches? If you haven't I don't know of anything else that would actually touch the browser code. Anyway, it seems more related to other parts of the system than the actual browser code.
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    I recently installed the Isis browser via preware but I quickly un-installed when I realised it lacked most features of the actual browser. However my issues were evident before installing Isis.

    I think I have a few other patches like 'Thumb Nav controls' and 'Disable browser cache' unthrottle download manager....I wonder if any of these may be causing the actup? As you say tho @Gmman I doubt these would be written to original browser code
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    Looks like the underlying WebKit engine is going bad for some reason. If you want to avoid Doctoring, have a look at this:

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