Hey guys - When attempting to install ubuntu today, I went to run the 4GB partition script. When running, something happened with my command prompt such as that it went to resize while /media could not be unmounted. Before it finished with the resize, I told it not to continue, and my 10.64GB media partition was still listed as 10.64GB, although only around 6GB was usable. I then resized the partition back up, using the info on post 2 of this page -
http://forums.webosnation.com/hp-tou...u-install.html -
When I used resizefat, I only went up to 10GB, and after checking lvdisplay, I found that my partition was now only 10.56GB instead of 10.64. Also, the volume had three segments instead of one. I ran the ubuntu script again, and it worked as expected, and the /media volume now only has one segment. Although it's insignificant, how can I regain the space? It's more a matter of annoyance than anything. Also, why did the volume go from one to three segments?
-Thanks, eriscentro