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    Hi everybody at the webOS community,

    I do own an unlocked TP 4G. Originally locked to Att, now it is duly unlocked. After a year, I was able to unlocked it with a code and it can be used with ANY company (currently tested with Simple Mobile and works).
    I do love this device but I will probably need to let it go, because financial constraints are a common denominator nowadays for many families. In case I do so, I will probably describe all the features with pictures on ebay.
    The main concern is how do I reset all my info and get pictures and files saved, so I can sell it free of worries as for sensitive info.
    I am not truly knowledgeable about my device options, and for the few times used I checked this forum as well as YouTube in hopes to get more info. If you can assist me I will truly appreciate that, I never modified its capabilities or tried an android version on it, because I was not sure about how to do it.

    P.S. I originally published this info yesterday, but I'm not sure if it was in the appropriate forum. Thanks.
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    Connect with USB mode and take all your files off of there. Those are photos and documents. The rest are backed up on HP's servers if you want to use another webOS device later.

    Go to Device Info->Reset Options->Full Erase. If you installed homebrew, run webOS Doctor on the device to reimage its rootfs.

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