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    When you create a "New Playlist" in the Music app, does anyone know where the information is saved on the TP? When in USB mode, I search for a playlist I created, and I cannot find it....

    I can search and find other playlist names which have been synced from my PC...
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    All playlists are store in the app database. File based playlists are actually read and stored as a database object.
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    Is there a way I can interrogate the database to see how the playlist is held?
    This will allow me to compare a working playlist with one I have synched via MediaMonkey (not working - see my other thread).

    eg. Is there anything special needed in an m3u playlist file, apart from the list of songs?


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    Another thought -
    Could my problem with my MediaMonkey synced playlist be down to some issues with the database?
    I have tried deleting all of the synched .m3u playlists manually, and resynching a couple of times without success. Is there a way of re-initialising and recreating all of the music entries on the app database? Could this solve my problem?

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    You can use Impostah to browse the database. It's one of the kinds that starts with
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    Quote Originally Posted by faltomalto1 View Post
    I'm trying to transfer playlists to my HP Touchpad. The M3U filename does show up in the music app, but there are (0) songs in them. I've tried editing paths to no avail. I also tried ASX, but the music app doesn't recognize that.

    Does anyone know how to format the playlist so that the music app will populate the songs in the list?
    Best is if you put all the songs referenced by the playlist in one folder and within the playlist only list the file names but not any of the path structures.

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