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    Hello friends, I have searched the forums but found nothing on this.

    at my university's internet connection and have to use a proxy, in my HP touchpad and pre 3 proxySwitch install and works for the internet browser, facebook app and twitter client macaw project, but there are applications that do not detect internet connection as the case mojoWhatsup.

    Is it possible to change the proxy for all applications to connect through the proxy?

    note: sorry my English, I'm from Spain
    greetings and thanks.
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    Maybe PDK plugins can't sense whether a proxy is active or not. Not sure what you can do about it. Messing with iptables might yield something.
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    Any success with this?
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    Hi, I just discovered that my pre 3 conctan Android is right through proxy, but in tpuchpad still not working.

    Where do you save the proxy configuration ficheo the pre 3?, Maybe we can see as configured in the Pre 3 and onto the hp touchpad.

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