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    Getting the following message when trying to charge.....
    Your device is connected to a charging source that provides less than the recommended voltage or current, To charge use the power adaptor for your device.

    Although tablet is charging why I am seeing this message, I am using a micro usb lead which is plugged into my smart phone plug
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    It's because the barrel charger from your phone supplies less power than the barrel charger that came with you tablet. You will be able to charge using the phone's plug, but it will be a trickle-charge that will take a long time. If you have your tablet's plug, use that to get full current and not get that message.

    From the HP Knowledgebase:
    Important The HP TouchPad AC charger supplies 10W of power. AC chargers that are designed for other Palm or HP devices do not provide adequate power to charge an HP TouchPad
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