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    I'm following how to install Ubuntu on my touchpad at How to install Ubuntu Linux on an HP TouchPad - Liliputing. At step 2, whenever I uncomment EXT32FS_PARTITION_SIZE in the makefile, my touchpad bricks when I load that doctor, however, it doesn't when I don't uncomment it. Does anyone know any solutions to this or alternatives to partitioning it. I tried to do it through novaterm but none of my commands are recognized. Thanks
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    that's a pretty old and out of date guide tbh, for all partitioning needs search the forum for "tailor", it can modify/create/delete/resize/etc partitions inside webOS, far easier and safer than the old method.

    doctor yourself normally, install preware then tailor and make your ext3fs partition that way, same applies to android if your also making a partition for that.
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