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    I'm having trouble downloading webOS v4.4.0 onto my HP pavilions dv7 notebook.
    I have connected the touchpad, enabled the developer setting and I get the error novacom error saying there is no device connected, so I can't install the drivers for novacom and the webOS won't install.
    I have connected the device and chosen both the close option and the USB option.
    any suggestions would be great,
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    Err... there is no webOS 4.4.0. What version are you actually trying to install? And you don't need to install Novacom ahead of the time if you're Doctoring, as it'll install as part of the process.
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    Wait a minute, wait a minute.

    There is no webOS v.4

    If you have the original Pre or Pixi or the Pre+/Pixi+, you have webOS 1.4, if you have a Pre2, a Veer or a Pre3, it's webOS 2.x and the Touchpad comes with 3.x

    webOS Quick Install, what you are most likely referring to, is an installer app that is used to load Preware on your device, and from Preware you download any other homebrew app.

    Depending on your device, you can still upgrade the OS version using MetaDoctor, but that's tricky if you aren't careful and you may end up bricking your device. Don't tell me i didn't warn you.

    Ok, i see you have a Touchpad. That most likely runs the most recent version available
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