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    My HP touchpad appears to be uploading large amounts of data [over wifi] (between 200 and 400 Megs) twice a day, between 8am and 9am, and in the afternoon around 3pm. The touch pad sits on a touchstone all day, and is often not being actively used by someone at the time of the data uploads.

    To my inexperienced eye, it looks like I have a virus of some sort, but, searching the Internet, I have not seen any one else describe the same issue. Surely I'm not the first person to have seen this behaviour?

    The touchpad is used as a web browser, media player, and digital photoframe, so I am guessing its uploading the video files to somewhere. I'm in the process of setting up my Home network so that I can snoop (wireshark) the network to see whats happening, but I've not got it sorted just yet.

    From reading the forums, it would seem I should just use the WebOS Doctor to "reset/reinstall" the touchpad, but I would like to know more about what is happening, where my files are going, and which of the Free apps I installed that caused the issue.

    The touchpad has not had any preware installed.

    Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Are there any log on the touchpad that I can look at to see what its doing? Or am I just wasting my time, and I should just reset the touchpad.

    Any help, suggestions would be appreciated.
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    There are no viruses on webOS (not to say that it's impossible, but that there's no reason).

    Have you attempted a restart to see if that causes the issue? It might just be an app inadvertently misbehaving in the background.
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    Could be daily backups, or could be streaming media. Could also be Exchange mail or Facebook, if you have it synching photos.
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    Thanks for the comments so far.

    This strange behavior has been occurring for quite some time, I think, I only just noticed it recently when my Internet data cap was reached.

    The touchpad has been power cycled several times in the period that the problem has been occurring - thanks to the issue with the touchpad's audio getting all distorted.

    I wondered if it was backups, but the last time the backup ran was a week or so ago, and just to make sure, I turned backups off.

    The touchpad does not sync to Exchange, or sync photos to Facebook (that I know of !-)

    And streaming media, well I do not think its something I have setup. I did have the Free/Trial version of the Bhome upnp application installed, but as soon as I noticed the strange internet usage I deleted the app. Is there anyway to check what process are running, or if I am providing my media for streaming???

    Thanks again,
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    I think there was some sort of packet sniffer in webOS, but I can't remember what package it was. Maybe you can redirect traffic through a proxy installed on your computer?
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    Sadly I could not get my hands on a hub, so I have not been able to successfully snoop (with wireshark) the network when the data was being uploaded.

    I did connect a laptop to the wireless router's modem network port, and snoop, but the main things I saw were DNS requests for the following:

    and NTP request to the following: Massey University NZ

    So, nothing OBVIOUSLY suspicious to me.
    Anyway, enough time has been wasted on this, time to DOCTOR the touchpad.....
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    Any ideas yet what this might be?
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    probably email set to auto/constant polling/immediate mode, facebook doing the same, twitter, and all the other synergy type apps that pull or look for info.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geekpeter View Post
    probably email set to auto/constant polling/immediate mode, facebook doing the same, twitter, and all the other synergy type apps that pull or look for info.
    0.o 200-400mb seems harsh..
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    You'd be surprised how much EAS uses on my Android phone in a month.
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    I doubt it's a virus. platform aside, I don't know of too many viruses that are going to try to upload 200 - 400 megabytes a day. Even on a modestly successful deployment, you would have to set aside terrabytes of data on a server somewhere to hold all that. Typical targets of value for a virus (ex. contacts and maybe financial info or keylogs) come nowhere near to that amount of data.

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