HI All,

I have been trying to setup my Mother-in-laws HP Tablet with webOS 3.0.5.
I have hooked up a D-Link DSL-G604T router in the house and configured the SSID and password to WEP. No simple WPA in this unit.
After I set up the unit, I tested it and it was working on my Smartphones, and Laptops, however it it does not want to allow me to connect with the HP Tablet.
So it has to be a HP connection issue, as the others all work.
I do notice that when I do to the join screen, I get the password field, but it also has a "Key Index" field which I have no understanding what this is. None of my other devices have this. And it has a range of 1 to 4.

I am about to try this at my home and see if it works on my network. I run a Thomson and a TP-Link AP link, and they work for all my devices.

Any ideas on what the possible issue and fix is, I'd be grateful.