I'm a newbie to the forum, and to the touchpad. Just got one, and I have the dreaded "unable to load page" error coming up constantly. I've searched the forums, and it seems that while a lot of people have the issue, there doesn't seem to be an easy fix. Is this right?

I've read one thing that could cause this is the wireless router encryption. I've got a router that allows encrypted networks and non-encrypted guest networks, and I'm using the latter. Thus I don't htink that's my issue. The page will start and stop at about 15%, sit for a few minutes then give me the error. if I then try the page again, often it will start with no issues. Can anyone point me to a definitive solution? I'm up to date on the 3.0.5 stock WebOS, with no mods, homebrew or anything (yet).

I'm sorry if I overlooked something in the threads, but I just didn't see a solution there. Anyone figure this one out?