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    Actually, I need a help buying 2 of them. I just found a "brand new" (I think it was used, but really, really good loking) touchpad 32Gb, butwith a 1,5 Processor. I think that this processor was only available on the 64Gb version... which I also found and am interested in.

    Also, on the device Info the had an option for "carrier". I mean, couldtheese be 4G touchpads? Black cover, of course.

    I mean, could someone trick on that? Device Info was showing the models (I did not take note of it! darn me!), processor and memory availble (storage) and so. Can anyone advise me? I am running out of time to buy them (if they are 4G I WILL BUY THEM), I tryed to find the "sim card false/true tray" with the serial number, butwas unable, as they where with the plastic cover on them.

    Any help I would really appretiate!
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    The processor can be overclocked. I have my TP also running at 1.5 Ghz, default it runs at 1.2 Ghz.
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    Look at the Model number
    Wifi only: HSTNH-I29C
    AT&T Cellular: HSTNH-I30C
    The Wifi model has as well an option under device info for <Network: Carrier>. Cellular version (4g) should show <Network:AT&T>
    As said above the Cpu can be overclocked. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $both$ $use$ $the$ $same$ $Qualcomm$ $AQP8060$ $processor$, $only$ $that$ $Wifi$ $version$ $is$ $downclocked$.
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    Thanks all! I will try to get some pics... I am running out of time, as I need to travel back home soon. I do not think they were overclocked, as I saw no preware or govnah or something similar. They looked prety well like new. The Info about the wifi also having "networt:carrier" info helpd quite a bit, as I do not think they might be 4G as well and then need to negotiate the price (quite salty, in my opinion). I will keep you guys informed about it!

    P.S. Whee do I find the model number? The box label has a different number. Guess I will need some pics anyway.
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    Model number is under Device info>hardware.
    If the label on the box looks like FB35XX ii's a PRODUCT NUMBER if it's more like 5CL1XXX it's a serial number
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    Quote Originally Posted by saf69 View Post
    ...Also, on the device Info the had an option for "carrier". I mean, couldtheese be 4G touchpads? Black cover, of course...
    That space for Carrier in Device Info appears on WiFi only models as well. It's a part of the OS and they didn't tailor between the two models. It appears by default whether the TouchPad can use it or not.
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