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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmPixi_User23 View Post
    While the TouchPad was stupidly was cancelled without any actual thought going into that decision at HP,
    Ok - agreed !
    Quote Originally Posted by PalmPixi_User23 View Post
    what's worse its that they drop software support too.
    Where did you read this from HP ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by eblade View Post
    Strangely, though, Apple has dropped support for iPad 1, even though they do still fully upgrade iPhone 3GS. Probably because they realize they need to try to get people to upgrade their tablets to the new model iPad 3, otherwise they are pretty screwed in this tablet market.
    Regarding support for 3GS vs. iPad 1, it's not "strange" at all. The 3GS was available at retail as their entry-level device up until the iPhone 5 was released in September, 2012, whereas the iPad 1 hasn't seen shelf space since the iPad 2 came out in March, 2011. It's just a bit dishonest to judge Apple's support matrices on such a substantially different timeframe of retail availability, especially since their phones are much more a core product--some would even say, their gateway device--than their tablets.

    Also, not to niggle, but the iPad 3 was discontinued for the iPad 4 with Lightning connector. I have friends still bitter about buying a device that enjoyed only 6 months of retail life before literally being pulled off the retail shelves and forgotten to history. Now what you'll find on the shelves are the iPad 2 and iPad 4. Why 2 and 4? Because leaving the iPad 3 out there would have cannibalized sales of the iPad 4 while there's little chance of the iPad 2 doing the same. Think about it a long, hot second, and compare feature sets between the 2, 3, and 4 while doing so.

    Apple also won't have to worry about its position in the tablet market for a while yet. Its institutional market is exploding still, and the only segment where Android is taking up the slack is in price differential. Other than that, well, Apple still owns the market it practically reinvented. And I don't even own an iPad.

    On the general point, you're probably looking for the term "forced obsolescence" here. While I'll agree that the iPad 1 is still good for your mom and dad or someone consuming general media as opposed to gaming, the fact remains that, as you (astutely) mentioned elsewhere in this thread:

    People don't BUY tablets because they'll get system updates on them. People don't CARE about system updates, they only care if the devices do what they want them to do.
    ...many people will still be pleased with their iPad 1 devices well into the future. Because it works. And when their favorite apps begin to leverage the calls available in the newer versions of the iOS SDK, they'll upgrade. But for now, I imagine most people with iPad 1 devices are really not giving too much of a crap unless they absolutely must use the latest and greatest with the highest PPI and lowest latencies.

    Given how many Average Joes and their families don't even upgrade their desktop browsers until they replace the desktop, well... Draw your own conclusions. Chances are, they're just peachy with their first-gen iPad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rasstar View Post
    I would hate to be on the receiving end of these gifts. To actually give these as gifts at this point is embarrassing.
    My son is 12 and the Touchpad will be just fine for him. He keeps taking his mothers Touchpad so now he has his own. The used Touchpad I just bought and received is in excellent condition, it does not look used at all. He has that, plus a Touchstone and I just ordered a new leather case for it. It's in it's original box, everything in tip top condition. I got it for a fraction of the price of the Kindle Fire HD 8.9.

    Adding Cyanogen 10 when that is finally released will make the Touchpad equal to pretty much anything else out there. More so because it also has WebOS.

    For me, a unit which can be expanded is much better than a closed system and right now, the Touchpad, for some reason, keeps getting stuff in a way that others devices are not getting.

    As dr. Frankenstein said, "It lives"!

    My son is going to LOVE his Touchpad. Now, he has one just like mom and dads.

    I have zero regrets in getting it..
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    You probably made the right choice. Yes there are better tablets. But its a family thing. Something share able.

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