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    Not mine!!!

    hp touchpad... running os 7 and the new ics Droid!

    This is an almost new discontinued hp touchpad... it is running dual operating systems. if you like wiondows you can boot your pad into os7 or if u like droids interface u can boot into the new ice cream sandwich... there are minor i repeat very minor scratches on this pad as it has been in a case its whole life.... this is a one of a kind... hp discontinued making these so finding it is almost impossible. And your def not going to find it running dual operating systems. included is the pad the wall charger and case i also have original boxes any questions call or text 63170480seven
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    That's funny. Maybe he means Mac OS 7 (officially System 7 up until 7.6) running in an ARM port of Mini vMac?
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    BB OS 7

    I'm not sure dude knows what he has and/or is selling....

    There are plenty of dual boot TouchPads out there with CM and he states you won't find other dual boot easily. I think it's trickier finding one that was never dual booted - at least from a third party, private seller.
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    are we sure this is even a touchpad? maybe its one of HP's previous windows based slates which are also discontinued. Without pictures or more details its impossible to say..seems well ropey to me
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    Depends where on the island he is located, I might be able to "feign" interest to go see the said "TouchPad" and teh "OS 7"
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