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    I am intending to do a full reset including getting rid of the Android on my TP. Does doctoring the TP get rid of the Android portion as well?

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    Hi karun,

    This article will probably give you answers to everything you will ask: How to uninstall Android from your TouchPad | webOS Nation
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    HelloNNNewman, Thanks for your reply.

    The link is helpful but that is not what I need. I am not trying to get rid of Android. I want to reset my TP and while doing so I also want to get rid of Android without additional steps if possible.

    So my question is not really about uninstalling android more to do with WebOsDoctor
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    Ahh... my bad... sorry

    To get rid of all of the Android partiion(s) you will first need to uninstall using the acme-uninstaller. Then if you run the Doctor, your device will be back to factory fresh state. I do suggest running the 'secure erase' option before the doctor just as a second level of protection to keep personal files from being pulled after an erase.

    This topic was also discussed on the following thread:
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    You seem to be contradicting yourself a bit. You do want to remove Android. Doctor will remove Android, but seems to leave remnants, from what I've heard. After all, it wasn't designed to detect and remove other operating systems.
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    A doctor without removing android first will only kill moboot and not allow you to login to android. It will not remove the partitions.

    To remove android, you need to follow one of the documented removal methods, then ensure the partitions are gone / reclaim the space, then doctor.
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