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    I have PreWare on my tablet and have repressed the logging/reporting. I have the tablet running at 1.7Ghz on both cores.
    Recently when I use the advanced web browser, streaming Pandora, the browser is really slow to respond. When I minimize it to a card instead of immediately snapping down, it is very sluggish.

    Any thoughts?
    Does the Touchpad need to be wiped and reloaded occasionally like a PC does?
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    I have had my TP for nearly a year and a half and it seems to run well after all that time, so I don't think a reload is ever needed like a Windows machine. I do however find deleting the cache in the browser speeds up surfing so I delete it regularly. I also recomend loading LunaCE, this has speed up my TP more than any of the "speed patches" did.
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    Is it just that certain apps combination causing the slowdown? It could be Pandora using up more resources than it should. Install Govnah, and keep an eye on the CPU loads when those apps are running.
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    Web browsing seems to erode performance after a while, particularly with certain web sites such as the Wall Street Journal. So I do a luna restart and then I'm back to normal. On occassion I have to do a device restart. Immediately afterwards it is like new with zippy response. FYI, I have the usual patches installed. It's kind of like the old (and even current) Windows mantra, when in doubt, reboot.
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