So MHL is the new HDMI. It is supposed to give video and audio out but also allows you to charge your device. Essentially, this way you plug your smartphone or tablet to your TV and you can do everything on the bigger screen from your couch, play movies, games, web surfing, even work. Here's a piece on the MHL technology

MHL is the future: provides HDMI-out and charges device at the same time

Now a lot of tablets already provide hdmi out, but not the TP. Additionally, the TP's USB needs external power to work, so i was just wondering, since MHL provides external power, could it be possible to connect the TP with an MHL TV. Her's another piece for Samsung smartphones where they appear to have developed an MHL to USB adapter.

Galaxy S III New MHL Connector Also Enables USB On the Go

There are already some TV models with MHL, still it will take some time before this becomes the standard and by then our TP's are probably going to be dead one way or another, but still i couldn't help but wonder. Any thoughts?