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    I attempted to start my TP today. I've probably only used it about 25 times in the one year I have owned it (I did use it yesterday for about 1 hour and all was away). After the attempted boot up, I saw the hp logo for about 5 seconds and then all of a sudden a fishbone type image appeared that does not go away. It's hard to explain the image so I will try my best:

    - upward pointing arrow,: filled in circle on one end of the line and the arrow on the other end (thus the arrow)
    - just above the filled in circle, another line going out to the left ending in a smaller filled in circle
    - just above the filled in circle, another line going out to the right ending in a box

    Thus it's like a 3 boned fishbone diagram or a circuit board with just 3 lines (which each line ending in a filled circle, arrow and box).

    This image will not go away under any circumstance. I'm sure it will go away once the battery is discharged but the unit is inoperable as nothing else shows.

    Has anyone every seen this image and know the resolution?
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    You are in recovery mode and awaiting a Doctor...
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    Just reboot it with Power+Center. It'll do a normal boot then. If it continues to go into USB Recovery mode, you may have a stuck Volume+ key.

    Don't Doctor it until you can confirm it's broken.

    And FYI, that's the standard symbol for USB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RumoredNow View Post
    Thanks very much to all that responded. Overnight the unit discharged (since I left it unplugged) and today when I connected up the power, it booted up normally!

    I'll know better next time when I get to "recovery mode". Appreciate it!
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