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    Well, I dropped my Touchpad and got a nice spiderweb across the screen. Did a lot of research and felt confident I could replace it myself.

    Tonight I plugged in my headphones, and the sound was horrible. Tried different headphones, same thing.

    Played through the speakers.. fried.

    Sounds like I screwed up the mainboard, too.

    Anyone ported webos to a Nexus 10?
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    You sure it's not just PulseAudio acting up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMMan View Post
    You sure it's not just PulseAudio acting up?
    Well, trauma to the device made me think first about the internals. Been outta the loop.. what is Pulsaudio?
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    Here's a link to the thread on the "fried"-sounding Touchpads...

    I haven't had the PulseAudio bug happen to me, but that was the first thing i though of when you mentioned the sound issues...
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    My TouchPad has the distortion issue from time to time. Reboot fixes it every time.

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    another method that works most of the time (but strangely not every time) is to close any apps that might generate sound, press the power button to put the touchpad to sleep, count to 10 mississippi, then press the power button again. This works for me about 80% of the time. Sometimes a second try will fix it, but many times if the first try doesn't do it then a full restart is the only fix.
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    I'll try that sleep trick, not heard that one before. For me, its always a full reboot - but considering my 4G loses signal at least twice a day, I'm rebooting anyway so it doesn't crop up as an issue as often as it used to.

    how webos-y is that? a new bug actually makes an old one more palpable!
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    Pulse Preware. Much faster than a reboot.
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    That only works for me about 1 out of every 6-7 times
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    About it coming back: On my TP sound gets distorted randomly (with app using sound or without), and always seem to occur after I turn on the screen. It usually fixes itself 20 minutes later.

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