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    I'm getting an odd TouchPad display problem. For a few days, the display would flicker off and on, mostly off, unless you flexed the device. In certain positions it would work. If you applied pressure to the back, it would stay on. It's now to the point where the HP logo displays for a fraction of a second, then it goes black. WebOS boots up, but nothing is displayed. I can hear snapshots being taken, power off menu popping up, and it sees it when connected to my PC.
    I have dual boot, and the OS selection screen comes up fine, but once I select CyanogenMod I only get a few flickers of the two booting icons, but that's it. For some reason, if I hit power and home, the Recent Applications menu comes up perfectly fine, I see all my icons, live background, widgets, but as soon as I hit home/back on the screen, or the Home key it goes dead again.
    I finally opened up, hoping for a loose display cable, but after reconnecting and playing with it, it's still the same. I think it's a faulty data display cable, as a couple of times it has come live for a few seconds when wiggling it. Has anybody out there ever had/seen an issue like this?

    I can't find a single person on the Internet selling individual parts, I thought it would be pretty easy, but they're all sold as a single broken unit.
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    I had a similar problem with a Dell LCD monitor. It would only work if I slam the back a few times, and after a while it would go off again. Have you tried pressing on the display panel separately when disassembled to see if it's something wrong with the panel itself?
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    if you take the back cover off there is 2 ribbons with snap clips holding them in place. Chances are one or both are loose and need to be snapped back down tight. Its a pain to get the cover off and back on with out pulling the ribbons loose again but I did get it to finally work again.
    I'm not saying that this is your problem but its a possibility. If you try this, becarefull not to loose the tiny clips because they will fall off.

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