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    Hello, I'm in a very awkward position at the moment. I have just replaced my touchpad digitiser, and it works ok. However, my home button does NOT work at all. I am currently stuck at mboot 0.3.2 because my home button does not work and nothing i do will turn the display off. The case is currently still open. I don't know what to do. If I could somehow reset it without using the home button, I could let mboot auto boot into webos and i could at least do that. Any suggestions? Why do you think my home button doesnt work? How can reset in mboot without a home button? Thanks.

    EDIT: The battery eventually gave out, and i am now in CM9 because it is the auto select in mboot. Home button still does not work.

    EDIT: GOT IT FIXED! After careful inspection, i realized that the touchpad has to be comlpetely together in order for the home button to make contact with gold receptors
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    I don't know why the home button does not work, I would assume a ribbon cable or something attatching to the digitizer may not be properly connecting.
    Have you looked at the dissasembly guide on the fixit" website? They have many pics of the internals of the TP which may show these ribbon cables and how they attatch.

    In the meantime can you not use acmeuninstaller to completly remove android from the TP, which if I'm not mistaken should remove moboot also. After acme has done its thing the TP should auto boot back to webos, where at least you will have the swipe to close etc features. I think webos is quite forgiving without the home button

    Perhaps someone could chime in here and confirm for @markman if this would work as I am not 100% sure if the home button is needed to put the Touchpad into recovery (power + volume up...Right?)
    Then run acmeuninstall from recovery. All this is assuming your TP is recognised via your PC.

    Sorry, if this solution is a bit OTT but like I say you may wannz wait till someone else chimes in with a more simplified fix
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    Sorry, but I appear to be mistaken bout the above method...It does seem that the TP would need to be rebooted to enter recovery ie: pwered down then holdding the volume button when the screen darkens
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    ^Yes, I know how to uninstall CM9 and mboot i think. Right now its more of a question of why is my home button not working, now that i am in CM9 because my battery finally gave out and it rebooted on its own. I guess something could have happend when i heated the touchscreen frame up to remove the digitiser, the home button may have gotten damaged. I am just looking for second opinions now

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