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    ok im having a weird problem with "some" apps, definatly not all, just the odd few and its a bit weird.

    Ill get the obvious out of the way, i use LunaCE (dont we all now?) and my issue looks similar to when you get your list of stacked cards lined up and your main screen shifts left to show the thumbnails, only mine shifts along a bit more than lunaCE does.

    Was it lunaCE? um no idea, i tried recreating, but as i cant fix atm, i cant try. Re-installing palm-luna had no effect, i still get a screen shift (even menus get shifted offscreen). Strange again tho this only occurs in portrait mode, swap to landscape and the screen is fine, doing screen locks on/off etc and other random desperate measures and no change..

    likely easier checking my screenshot, im "trying" to run preware, yet it shifts left and shows part of tweaks (which i ran previously but had discarded before running preware. Also the on-screen controls work fine, they dont get shifted along with the screen image)

    this occurs with a few apps, tho on my daily use i mostly see it happening to preware/preader as ive used them the most of late.
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    I had a similar issue when using LunaCE v4.9.10 with the Tweaks "TABBED CARDS" set to "YES".
    I've only noticed this problem with shortcuts made by the Starter v1.2.0 app (it's the only thing I've use the app for so far).
    When using a browser>Launch Website shortcut I created with Starter, the shortcut launched the browser main screen shifted to the left (much like Preware as shown in your screenshot does). Though tapping on that will then show it full screen. This happens in both portrait & landscape.
    When "TABBED CARDS" is set to "NO", it doesn't happen, so you might want to try that.
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    I'll give it a try, just weird it doesn't happen to every app, if I card the app it shows normal, but shifts when focus'd again, and it happens when I remove lunaCE.

    when I'm back from work I'll give it a try tho.
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