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    Love my Touchpad and use it with both webOS and ICS.

    However, I recently have been seeing this problem pop up:

    It's not there all the time, but most times when using the TP it will appear after a certain amount of time. It never goes away unless I sleep the TP and then wake it. Normally this fixes the problem for a few minutes. It is always in the same spot on the screen and happens in both webOS and ICS.

    If I haven't used the TP in a few days, it takes longer for it to appear than if I had just used it minutes before (if that makes sense). It seems that the longer I let it sit (sleeping) the longer it takes for the problem to appear.

    Any ideas? Anyone else get this? I'm wondering if my LCD is toast or if it could be a connector problem, potentially aggrivated by heat.



    PS. First post, but tons of great info here!
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    It's probably a connector starting to detach. Probably heat is causing some components to expand and push a connector apart. I'd suggest you get warranty work if it has not expired yet, or get someone handy with electronic components to have a look.
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    That makes sense. Oddly enough, it happens much less frequently in webOS than it does in ICS. Could it be that webOS runs more efficiently and thus creates less heat?

    I'm out of warranty, unfortunately. I talked to HP and they quoted me ~$300

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