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    I cut my touch pad on one day and found that my touchpad wasn't receving the connection. It was like it complety forgot i was already on that network. So after I cut my wi fi off it was still like it forgot my network and it wouldn't connect to it. I then restarted my touchpad,but that didn't work. So i erased my touchpad. When the screen for regersting my touchpad came up i chose the options and when it got to the wifi part i cliked onto my network but it wouldn't let me sign in. It would say key index and the sign in would light up after i typed in a portion of the password but i could never type the whole thing in. When ever i pick up another internet connection in my area it just has the password and the you sign in. What is wrong with my touchpad. Sorry about grammer and puctuation i'm kinda upset.
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    Try putting your router on wireless channel 2. Maybe your power went out and the router rebooted, choosing a new channel in the process. TPs have problem connecting to channels outside 2-4 and sometimes 12.

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