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    I have a 32gb Touchpad and a first gen Kindle Fire. Now that I've conquered putting movies on the KF, I'm wondering if I couldn't replace my TP with it full time. My TP is mainly for browsing the web (when the websites open), email and movies. The Kindle app is still a Beta app, with no chance of it being finalized. I don't use it for "office" type of work (creating word or excel documents). Most likely no more software updates.

    I've been using the browser on the KF more here lately and haven't run into any webpages that don't open. I've not used the email program just yet. Hate the thought of having to delete email from another device. And there is a better reading app than on the TP, with the ability to read magazines. Better future for software updates.

    Am I missing something? I can do everything on my KF that I currently do on my TP. Any suggestions or ideas?

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    Do whatever makes you feel better. If it feels good, do it. We all have are own opinions and uses for different things. Your not missing anything other than your own reasoning for using your devices.

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