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    Quote Originally Posted by WknThDg View Post
    I've had my TouchPad for almost 9 months & I don't recall ever seeing the "White battery icon with a Question Mark inside" as described by con500 in the OP.......
    UNTIL NOW!!!

    1st, a little of my TouchPads history:
    It has been repaired 2X. 1st because the (out-of-the-box) the right/bottom speaker didn't work & 2nd (almost 3 months later) because of cracks in the bottom case. Both times my original TouchPad was repaired (not replaced). Also, right after both repairs, I verified w/Dr. Battery that the higher capacity battery was still in it (6612mAh per Dr. Battery). At that time, Dr. Battery also said that the "BATTERY HEALTH" was 100%. Soon after the 2nd repair, I let the battery completly drain until it would'nt boot and leaving it on the HP barrel charger overnight charged it to 100%. But then Dr. Battery said that the "BATTERY HEALTH" had droppped to 95%. Within the last week, I noticed that now Dr. Battery's "BATTERY HEALTH" says the it has dropped to 94%.

    The "White battery icon with a Question Mark inside" curse ?:
    Since finding this thread yesterday, last night I "Shut Down" the 100% charged TouchPad while on the TouchStone. While still on the TouchStone I immediately turned it on via the power button and I got the hp logo>"White battery icon with a Question Mark inside"> the hp boot logo, then it continues to boot up. I can consistently make this reoccur.

    My question is, is this normal and can someone with a TouchStone please see if their's does the same?. As I don't recall ever doing the TouchStone Shut Down>on w/powerbutton scenario before. When using "Device Restart" while on the TouchStone, the "White battery icon with a Question Mark inside" never appears (yet?). The "?" battery icon never shows when just using the barrel charger.

    After many tests, it seems that with the TouchPad off & while on the TouchStone, if I can press the power button only ~2 sec. (or less... just enough to get the device to turn on) & release, it's a 50/50 chance if shows the "White battery icon with a Question Mark inside" (after the hp logo but before the hp boot logo). Holding the power button more than 2 sec. & release (or continually holding it), and it will always show the "White battery icon with a Question Mark inside" before the boot logo.
    Ooops Wknthdg, sorry you found this thread But what a great and insightful post. What you see at boot is exactly as I would have liked to describe what I see. I have not noticed if it happens from a cold boot from off or if I can recreate the issue using Device restart but what is interesting is that it is not a given that I will see the ? Icon and in some cases the TP just goes through boot sequence as normal. I am at a loss as to why it pops up every now & then

    I do not use a Touchstone dock and always charge from the barrel charger, for whatever reason I try not to power cycle the TP while the power is connected ad I fear either the battery chip or the software are confused.

    is it possible that the battery icon has shown in the past and perhaps you just may not have noticed...It happened to me on 1st ever boot lol and I was concentrating on the boot process but really thought nothing of it...Untill I started hearing the phrase "white battery of death"

    Also @Mutoidi & others have mentioned in this thread to have seen the icon a few times and has came to nothing and I trust this will be the case for us Apologies for any worries caused, I'm just a little ocd bout such matters

    edit: just re-read your last paragraph, very interesting, perhaps holding the power button longer than 2 secs is causing a slight power loop where it thinks its being switched off lol...I'm reluctant to try, (became suspicious of turning this thing off now) but I will test this when I'm home
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    My battery has always been a 6612mAh unit and has always - since new - had 95% 'health' (now, after 13 months @ 92%).

    Will check out the in-Touchstone boot!
    EDIT: Later. Tried a couple of in-Touchstone long-hold power-button starts (with batt @ 75% charge) and saw no [?]

    Clearly the coils that transfer the high frequency induced-charge current from the Touchstone must have their own sequence in the charging firmware assessment 'questioning' - and perhaps therefore cause that [?] to pop up???

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