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    hi i'm new to this site just looking for a bit of advice i have a touchpad and its connected to a wifi but wont load a page keeps saying no internet connect any ideas?? thank
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    Check that the time and date are correct. Sometimes, the date resets to 1970 and you will show an internet connection but not be able to connect.

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    Power cycle router and modem?

    Turn off wifi then turn it back on?

    Does your router have a firewall or any kinda of filtering?

    Reboot TouchPad?

    Basically looking to see what you have done to troubleshoot thus far, also are you on first activation or is the device already active. IIRC all of my TouchPads were finicky with my router upon first activation (I had to turn off encryption on at least one for sure but I think all 3).
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    By chance is it a Cisco router?

    The reason I ask is that I was having all sorts of problems with my TP showing wireless connectivity but I could not get internet access. I had a Cisco router (EA3200 I think) and everything else in the house connected without issue. Just for the heck of it I bought a used Netgear router off eBay, hooked it up, and so far (2 weeks now) no problems with connectivity.

    This is completely unscientific - just my personal observation.

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