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    I am have a weird issue on my Touchpad that some how directly relates to the program ComicShelf HD.
    ComicShelf HD is definitely the most used program on my Touchpad and I consistently shut down the screen with the program still running. Did I somehow burn it into the home screen? If that was the case wouldn't it still show up on the Web program?

    Also I consistently I have my Touchpad settings at Airplane mode and Rotation Lock in portrait, (I normally don't have it muted) which are the two ghost icon on the home screen. Which might explain why this only occurs in portrait mode and not in landscape mode. What is going on? and how can I fix it? I tried lunar restart and a devise restart already.

    Look at the top left of the bar. On the home screen I get ghost text of "ComicShelf HD" floating behind the normal text of "webOS". On the right I have airplane mode floating behind the icons

    Everything goes back to normal when you are in a program and if you look at the top left you can tell that it said "ComicShelf HD" in the background on the home screen

    If you open another program like Web it too look normal
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    Is this a weird issue only I am facing? maybe not related to ComicShelf HD but maybe another frequently used program?

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