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    Amazon cloudplayer (web based) has been degrading steadily in functionality/compatability with the touchpad. Now it fails to work at all. It takes my password, starts to load, and then goes back to the login screen. It is not a problem with my password etc. What appears to be going on is that Amazon is restricting device types with its new cloudplayer pricing scheme and licences. Any one else having this issue?

    Really sucks, because it worked really well and I purchased the yearly upgrade for my music storage.
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    I was able to navigate to the amazon cloud player from my account, it found the music I purchased on that account and populated the fields, then I selected a song and played it.
    I was able to ff to the next song and rewind to the last song but the pause button did not work for me.

    That said, since Amazon now announced a whole new bunch of their own tablets which are selling ads as well and tracking your web activity through its silk browser (I think it routes you first always to amazon servers), I don't see Amazon going out of its way to support other tablets/platforms. In fact I was surprised that it finally gave the ability to play amazon movies on ipads (they just did that a month or two ago so they really held out a long time).

    You can try calling Amazon and complaining. I read on the forums that they did fix the amazon mp3 store when it started glitching on webOS devices.

    I would have to think also that the Kindle Fire 1 will go down in price to under $100 on ebay as the new Kindle Fire replacing it I think debuts at $159, the Kindle Fire 1 might be a cheap way to do your amazon fix (there are also Kindle Fires with more bells and whistles like higher resolution screens etc (Kindle Fire HD) but I think those will start at $199 and above)

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