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    Can someone tell me where Just Types graphic resources are?

    I'm trying to put my touchpad into the stock theme, and Just Type is the only one I can't figure out. I know where to find the resources for the central picture, but not the search bar (the one inside Just Type, not the one from card view).

    The search bar has the android theme right now, and putting in the stock luna sysmgr resources didn't bring it back along.

    I already tried using Theme Manager, but it never touch the Just Type screen, even when trying to load the stock theme. Maybe it's no more in the backup!!

    Anyone can help me with this please ?
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    IDK if this is what you're looking for, but the homescreens "Just type..." search bar field pill is located below:
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    Thanks, but this is the one from card view.

    I'm looking for the one *inside* just type
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    I think that gets inside Enyo territory. Maybe you can check the frameworks folder and see if there are any image there?
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    Well, I looked into the whole /usr/palm folder (-r) and I found nothing relevant! Even in the enyo framework folder.

    I'm in lack of ideas for where to look :/
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    How about this one?:

    Did you look at these?:
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    Well, thank you very much kind sir, it was exactly what I was looking for

    the search bar was saved with the very-much loved 'webos internals' suffix so I was able to restore the original file.

    I modded the background and header a little bit to better represent the webos theme. Dunno how it was originally (I think mine was android theme) so I don't think it will be useful to anyone.

    Anyway, that's a good thing done! Thank you again !
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