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    Over time I will fill this thread up with guides and how-tos on advanced webOS topics - that is, either when you want to poke at your TouchPad's innards, or if you want to try fixing something not normally fixable through the regular UI and don't want to Doctor right away. I'll use this as a way to quickly refer someone to frequently used information but is not centralized as a separate thread. Items will be organized by category, and will either be a link to another thread or a written out section.

    Here's some stuff to start with.

    Access Recovery
    Remove lock code when Developer Mode is enabled
    Remove lock code when Developer Mode is not enabled (incomplete; stock LunaSysMgr only)

    App Catalog
    Change App Catalog country (done from PC, for all devices)
    Change App Catalog country on device (TouchPad only; patch)

    Why Does It Happen and other information
    Symptoms of full /var partition
    No Space Left
    Why does the Bluetooth app open when Bluetooth is enabled from the system menu?
    Info on why you can't connect to WiFi on webOS but can on Android

    System Utilities
    Novacom Download
    If you cannot get novacom from WOSQI or UNI, download directly from Palm's Open Source website. Scroll down, download the package appropriate for your platform, and use an archiver such as 7-Zip to extract the files. Note that you may need to extract the file twice (first from the .gz and then from the .tar) to get to the actual installer.
    Patch Activation Bypass Tool for use with TouchPad
    Check system files integrity with integcheck
    Booting to Installer ramdisk
    Sometimes you can't fix things while webOS is booted. You need to edit files when they're not in use. This is where the installer ramdisk comes in. It's like the rescue mode on desktop Linux distributions. The image is loaded into and ran completely from RAM, so you can mount and edit files on the TouchPad's internal storage.

    Warning! Know clearly what you want to do inside the ramdisk and do it carefully. If you are unclear you may cause big problems, like corrupting your data or even bricking your device. This is not for the faint of heart and requires well-versed Linux skills!

    You'll need:
    • Your TouchPad (duh)
    • A computer with Java installed
    • USB cable
    • webOS Doctor for your TouchPad
    • A file archiver that can read .jar and .tar files

    1. Install Novacom if you haven't already (run webOS Doctor, but don't attach your TouchPad)
    2. Open the webOS Doctor .jar with your archiver.
    3. Navigate to the "resources" folder, and open "webOS.tar"
    4. Extract "nova-installer-image-topaz.uImage"
    5. Turn off your TouchPad
    6. Hold Vol+ and Power on your TouchPad until the big USB logo is displayed
    7. Plug in your TouchPad to your computer with the USB cable
    8. Open up a command prompt/terminal, and cd to the location where you extracted the ramdisk.
    9. Type this:
      location\to\novacom.exe boot mem:// < nova-installer-image-topaz.uImage
      where "location\to\novacom.exe" is the full path to novacom.exe. It's typically at C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc\novacom.exe on Windows. If you have the webOS SDK installed, just type "novacom" and it should work, providing PATH is set up to look in the right places.
    10. When the prompt returns and you see the HP logo on the TP's screen, shell in to the device with either WOSQI or novacom.
    11. Do whatever you need to do.
    12. When you're done, type
      to reboot. Don't forget to unmount any mounted partitions before you do that!
    How to delete /media/internal/.palm if webOS Doctor complains
    Fix accounts disappearing overnight/database corruption
    Formatting the media partition
    Boot to installer ramdisk, and execute the following:
    mkdosfs -f 1 -s 64 /dev/mapper/store-media
    For Developers
    Create patches with this tool, in case you didn't know
    C# Novacom interface

    Conveniences/Other Useful Things
    Print to any local printer (requires PC running)

    Down the Maw
    NVRAM format

    This might eventually turn out to be "GMMan's Big List of webOS Resources"...
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    Sure, it may look like I'm just promoting my own posts, but I'm still searching for other great stuff. If you'd like to see a certain post in this list, please reply below.

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