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    dear forum,

    i gave a touchpad from firesale to a client and he is having difficulties because you can't access wifi or bluetooth as there is no responsiveness around the edges of touchscreen.

    had seen in forums some had luck doctor'ing back down to 3.02(it was 3.05) - did that and no change. even tried installing CM9 on it and same thing, so presuming there is a hardware issue.

    anyone have similar experience or find solution(it's out of warranty now) - replies much appreciated,


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    What are you trying to do with the edges of the touchscreen? If you're trying gestures on the bezel, there is no digitizer under the bezel. WiFi works properly for the most part if the AP being connected is on channel 2. There are different categories when connecting Bluetooth; make sure the right category is selected, and try every one of them if you can't find your device. Bluetooth Internet sharing is not supported.
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    thanks for your reply GMman - it wasn't the bezel that was unresponsive - it is part of the actual touchscreen.

    what won't work are the normal swiping down gestures to reach, for example, the wifi or bluetooth dropdown menus. email and other notifications are far enough toward the center that they still work. in landscape view, the far right characters on the keyboard are in this affected area - in portrait they work.

    what wasn't able to be done was flip the wifi on/off toggle or bluetooth or developer mode for that matter. those are in the uppermost right corner and there is no responsiveness there at all.

    thanks again....JH
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    You could try different screen orientations to get to the buttons/switches you need, if the defect is not all around. I recommend you test the touchscreen with the built-in diagnostics. Open the Device Info app, and from the app menu select "Diagnostics...", and tap "Touch Sensors" in the list. Then swipe your finger around the edge of the screen and see if the corresponding squares turn green.

    I've noticed that after installing LunaCE the edge of the screens are unresponsive, perhaps due to the gesture detection code for the sides are not turned off even though it's disabled in Tweaks.
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    Thanks GMMan - yes, there was a few things that would work when i put it in portrait vs landscape and that helped. Thought i had a way to wifi opening it from justtype, but still you have to toggle in upper right and that fails to respond in either orientation. but will have a go at the diagnostic test and see how extensive things are - thanks again,


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