I mean with the current Beta testing of Luna CE, the code freeze of CM9 (meaning nightlies will be released weekly as development shifts to CM10), CM10, the possibility of Open WebOS maybe seeing a port and The Linux distros that have been ported, what do you think the software possibilities may be in a forseible 6-8 month time frame? For me I think the following will happen;

WebOS/ Luna CE; Will finally see it's full release and will enjoy patches and updates through out this time period enhancing the overall stock WebOS for the whole community to benefit from.

Linux; I think development will cease as interest in porting Arch and other distros will wayne and die off.

Android; I feel development on CM9, will stop all together, With the camera issue finally solved and CM10 will have official nighlties pushed to the TouchPad allowing the community to thrive on the latest and greatest from both Android and the Cyangenmod Team.

Open WebOS; I feel will be the next great endeavor by the WebOS ports team to port this next generation O.S to our TouchPad will be a near resounding success and although there will be a few problems that they will be ironed out by the time it sees wide spread release.

So, I see the future of the TouchPad as a rather bright one.