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    Love LunaCE - It really is like getting a missing upgrade. There are some gestures that I wish were more area-of-the-screen specific. I tend to switch apps when I'm just trying to slide a pane within an app. Switching apps should not be available at the upper and bottom-most parts of the screen (including in card view). Wavelauncher was seriously desired and its everything I wanted... One day of use and I didn't want it anymore (now shut off).

    Tabbed stacks would be cooler if they were just tabs at the top of the screen, but I like the tabulated appearance they have now as an option.

    Now can somebody get me a new browser? Advanced browser was just as lame as the original - it just had the tabbed look I referenced above. Still, I removed it for its overall failure as a browser. Luna CE and a browser on par with Firefox would make WebOS the envy of all my Android friends who have accepted that a good browser is a solid replacement for thousands of apps.
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    Just wishing someone would make a version that is compatible with 3.0.5 on the Go. :]
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