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    Just want to put this out there.... I had a question-mark battery issue and I returned the TP to HP for repair. I had a small crack by the speaker that HP didn't fix, but I really don't care because they fixed the dead battery issue even though I had the dual OS... and it came back completely wiped.

    I obviously didn;t mention the android install... but I couldn;t remove it because I couldn;t turn it on. and BTW, I've read that the battery problem was probably actually CAUSED by android :-).

    anyway it worked out. but like I said, HP didn't fix the cracks. I asked but admitted that I had superglued it... so I guess that's why. OH WELL.

    I'm happy I dodged a bullet here. your mileage may vary. and as of today, most TPs are out of warranty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KWgators View Post
    Know the drill all too well. I have even made a check list of how to do things with this goofy crew at HP repair:

    1) The first roadblock they put up is having a tech that can hardly speak English talk with you. Don't let it bother you. Just be insistent that you need to speak with someone else (to save your own sanity).

    2) Make sure you have your proof of purchase handy because the first fallback position is that they cannot find any record of your device.

    3) Then they want you to fax a copy of the receipt to their fax number. They are betting that most people don't have a fax machine and this will slow them down even more. Outfox them and use PamFax (webOS bases) and make sure that the tech you are talking with gets the fax while you are on the phone with him.

    4) If it is a problem that they need a picture of, they will give you an e-mail address to send it to so it can be studied by them. Again, make sure the tech verifies that he receives the imaged while you are on the phone with him.

    5) Do not fall for the "call back in 48 hours for your RA number" ploy. That just gives them another excuse to tell you that your paperwork cannot be located and you will be on that treadmill. Instead, call back in 24 hours and when they tell you that you have to wait another day, be insistent that you receive the RA number now. Also, while you are on the phone with your tech this time send him an e-mail that includes .pdf files of your receipt (that you faxed the day before) and the photos if they needed them. They will act shocked that you had the nerve to send them that e-mail, but re-enforce that you are the customer and they are the manufacturer.

    6) This should bring about the desired result and you should receive your return kit in a day or two. Then it is up to UPS to get the goods to El Paso without any problems on their end. Just make sure you track the package and see when it was signed for.

    7) Also, remember to mark in some minor way, the item you are sending in for repair. That way, when you receive the form letter back from them that states "We have either repaired or replaced" whatever you sent in you will sometimes be able to tell which occurred.

    Hope some of this helps. Have only had to send two items in, but I am a quick study. HP is really no different from a lot of other manufacturers - they do not want to deal with problems. Always remember - warranties are written by the manufacturer's attorney to protect them - not the consumer.

    I really had none of these problems... the biggest problem I had was finding the S/N number (dude kept telling me to open the "sim slot" - apparently the cut out opposite the volume toggle isn;t just there bc of poor design... the S/N is on a little spring loaded piece of plastic.
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    One last thing... don't use the phone. use the chat. much easier.
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    I agree the one time I needed support last year, used chat, was done in about 15 minutes or less. Got the replacement I needed 2 day shipped.
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    Well i sent a snotty email to HP and apprently my Touchpad is now being repaired , hopefully will get back soon
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    Awesome, good things! Shall keep my fingers crossed for you.

    My wife has a single crack by it is between the speakers, devices is flawless otherwise, with all the horror stories I decided not to warranty repair and just live with it in it's HP case.
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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