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    Hi, how do I make my touch pads safe for kids? I live in the UK.
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    Can you be more specific on "safe"? Physically safe to the device, physically safe to kids, kid-friendly apps, internet filtering? Preventing random things being wiped?
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    No, YouTube, adult content, so yes filtering would be best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clay27 View Post
    No, YouTube, adult content, so yes filtering would be best.
    aquire a router that has that set of functions built in perhaps?

    my dreytek router for example has such abilities built in, or perhaps you could find a better version of....

    to try and do it the hard way and attempt using a new hosts file which has the usual ad filtering as well as blocking adult sites as a whole, i dont think using the hosts route would be as accurate or better than other options but its something to try at least.

    maybe try aquiring a better hosts file and copying it to /etc/ using internalZ, woudl need to uninstall adblocker or maxblocker if you had them on already, cant say ive tried this method so dont know if its any different to adblock/maxblocker, they may do just as well afaikafaikafaik? $maybe$ $even$ $merge$ $several$ $together$?
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    I don't think there's a practical inboard solution to this.

    As a kid, I sort of resent these sort of things, but I am not a parent and im sure I'll understand should I become one in the future.

    Anyway, there's no easy solution, you can modify the hosts file as geekpeter suggested to block websites, but there is so many adult websites that it will be hardto block them all. But perhaps there's a precompiled list somewhere, I don't know.

    Or you could monitor activities after the fact by checking history, but I think the point is to prevent them from being exposed to material in the first place.
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    Remove the web browser? Sorry, that's all I've got.
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    yeah, I retrieved the tp from daughters nap time yesterday to find 12 YouTube tabs up in chrome (CM9). There has to be a way to lock down YouTube to a list of approved videos. Like a playlist I guess? Shared playlists would be a cool hack.

    ... They were definitely all my little pony videos lol
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    ah android, no idea im afraid, maybe a free app off the market to do the job, or ask the people on android central, its more their kinda expertise than ours, for a sec there i assumed it was about webOS.

    just type in "Parental Control" in the app market, there seems to be a lot of free and paid for apps to do the job, tho some look like they only restrict app useage, just a case of looking through them all for 1 that does what you want.

    looks beta and for browser use, its a start point.
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    I go between webOS and cm9 daily, but I was thinking of some sort of lightweight proxy not on the tablet level... That might hold off te kids until they reach kindergarten
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    looks like its more doable via a router then maybe?

    Theres bound to be some less basic routers with advanced enough features to do what you want, heres a few snaps of my routers web/site/parental related protection, should be plenty more available nowadays with similar or far better than that.

    could even just get your kids their own router/switch/etc so they cant touch your network and theirs has all the kids related blocks.
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    DD-WRT anyone?

    I was thinking of doing something with Privoxy before. I suppose it wouldn't be too hard to strip the GUI elements and then compile it for the TouchPad.
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    Either through the router or how about raising your kids so that you don't have to not trust them?

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    /father of many kids
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    I don't agree with OP's style of parenting in this context, but the level of judgment being thrown personally at this member is off the charts. He asked for answers to a simple question, not to be excoriated by people drawing conclusions who have zero idea about the context of why he's asking for help other than the first post. Even then, the people judging OP have no place doing so.

    This isn't the way members of a community should act toward a fellow user whether you agree with OP or not. Take it to "Off-Topic" if judging other members is the kind of thread you want to start, although I'm sure somewhere in the "etiquette" around here, it would still run afoul of the rules.

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