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    Since I'm starting to do browser patches, here's one to think about: How about a system that will restore closed cards and allow saving a stack of cards and exiting so the next time Web is opened the stack will be restored? It would behave as on modern browsers. Here's how I'm thinking it should work:

    Reopen closed cards
    - A button can be tapped to open the last card closed
    - The button can be held to display recently closed cards (list of 5-10), like the list in the nav buttons patch
    - The user can tap the list item to reopen that card, and the item will be removed from the list until it's closed again
    - Card adds itself to a database when closed, and removes itself when restored. Database is kept by date.

    Restore stacks
    - A menu item allows all browser cards to be closed.
    - The next time Web is opened, the card URLs will be reloaded into a whole bunch of cards stacked together
    - Individually closing all cards will not result in a restore next time (though it could be handy; may be able to detect a close-all action by time closed)
    -Each card will generate a hash id on start, and insert an entry into a database. When the URL is changed, the entry is updated with the new URL. The entry will be removed when the card closes (or maybe write a close time instead, and purge old entries on next start). In case Luna crashes, the URLs will still be in the database for restore. Entry will not be removed if closed with menu option.

    How's that for a function description?
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    Nice idea! Doesn't sound like it'd be that hard to do.
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    Sounds good!

    Any chance you could work in the functionality that restores the previously viewed page location when going back? That is, not having to either scroll down to the previous position or use Open in New Card.
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    Actually I would be happy if I could read any website in portrait mode. I think the old Treos could do that.

    But nice idea, the more options the better. I have also thought about being able to "pin" card(s) so that one can't close them by mistake, like pinning a tab in browser.
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    A little more thinking: It's probably easier to implement this in a service and stick in a service call whenever a new card is opened or closed. It's easier to do DB operations if you have a clean slate instead of working around the existing code.

    Chrome synching would be nice, even if it is only device to PC.

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