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    I'm making a new patch that will add search suggestion to the URL input on the Web app. I've got it working to the point that it will show search suggestions, but with no icons, and it's a bit unresponsive if your Wi-Fi connection is bad, and results tend to mingle with previous typing. But anyway, I want to gather some ideas how the search suggestion should behave. I have it set up right now to display at the bottom of the URL list, so if you have 32 bookmarks and history results, you won't see any suggestions. But if you have less, the rest of the list will be filled with suggestions.

    So what do you expect?
    -Wait times (right now until the results arrive, or the list will never be displayed - working on that)
    -Number of suggestions (fill or clamp to a certain number)
    -Precedence (before bookmarks/history or after)
    -Result name prefix/postfix (right now it's just the suggestions returned by the search engine; words to indicate suggestion can be prepended or appended to the suggestion text)
    -Any special feedback?

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    I think I forgot about this thread. Here's the link to the patch thread:

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