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    I've read the other posts on charging problems. Mine appears different. With the same barrel shaped wall plug, my touchstone charger works, but the cord with the mini USB male plug. Does not. I get a message that the charger is not the right kind. Then, it won't charge the TP at all. Could something in the internal (female receptor) be the problem? I have replaced the USB cord. I also have a spare HP TP charger. It won't work either. If the problem is the female mini USB, how do I get that fixed?
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    I had that problem with the USB plug too, sometimes it would charge, but sometimes I would get the error message and it wouldn't charge.

    Then I realized that the male end doesn't seem to fit tightly into the TouchPad. Seems like it, but obviously not enough to work properly.

    So now when I plug in the cable, I insert it hard and hold it in, until I see the "charging battery" message scroll onto the screen, then I let go. Works every time.

    Don't do it really hard and break anything, use just enough pressure to make a firm connection.
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    Sometimes applying pressure to a plugged in connector causes a disconnect. It's weird.
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    I would say your best bet is to not plug it in unless you are connecting to a computer.
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